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We are our nation's fastest-growing learning community that teaches military spouses how to work anywhere in the world.​


About Us

what we do

We teach military spouses how to work anywhere in the world.

how we do it

TPS delivers an online curriculum that was built by military spouses, for military spouses. This curriculum addresses the core issues and common problems most military spouses face while trying to maintain employment as they continue to move around the world every 2-3 years.

​In addition to our curriculum, we also provide access to a global digital community that offers peer-to-peer mentorship, crowd-sourced resources, and camaraderie for military spouses no matter where they live in the world.


Our Network


Our global learning community is powered by Mighty Networks. You can join today for free and meet military spouses, just like you, who are learning to work anywhere in the world. 

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“A place for every military spouse, regardless of their background, race, class, gender or spouses rank, to come together in understanding and help lift one another.”

- Sarah Hassel

Our Support

TPS joins Columbia University's Center for Veteran Transition and Integration (CVTI) as a fully supported program. This partnership adds greater support and expertise in course building and supporting transitioning spouses. This also expands CVTI's mission to include the military and veteran spouse community.

The Paradigm Switch is now powered by CVTI.


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